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Cr3ative X NYC, by SearchLight.Art, was the main reference point on art during the largest NFT gathering in the world. This creative-centric event hosted crafted conversations from some of the best artists, musicians, builders, collectors, influencers and pioneers shaping culture in Web 3.0 today. Cr3eative X took place steps away from NFT.NYC in Times Square, New York, at the Edition Hotel.


Thank you!

Cr3ative X NYC, SearchLight’s 3-day activation during NFTNYC, was an amazing event and it was all because of you, our community! Thank you for showing up and being a part of our creative Web 3.0 experience…


We appreciate you. 


View the recap video of Cr3ative X NYC here and then share!:


A huge thank you to our sponsors and partners who supported the idea of housing a home for artists, creators and builders during one of the largest NFT gatherings in the world. We couldn’t have put artists/creatives at the center of this event without them.


Thanks to all of our speakers and facilitators who could have been at one of the 130 other satellite events and opted to share their perspectives and knowledge in our house. 


Major appreciation to The Edition Hotel whose staff was incredibly accommodating and supportive throughout the whole process.


Special thanks and love go to Christian Meihls and Isebal Mora who worked hard to make this such a well-received event; Shane Brennan, Josh Goldblum and Nato Thompson from Art Wrld, who provided a keen sensibility and guidance on our art programming; and Eric ‘Motivate’ Spivak, for his constant support, not only of our event but of our entire community. Our volunteers get a shout-out for their support, including the whole SearchLight team who have been relentlessly creating programming for artists since the rise of art on the blockchain in 2021. 

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Big LOVE to all our Sponsors and Partners. Please take a moment to discover.


Art Wrld


Blackbox Collective


Hungry Artist

Illust Space



Mint Gold Dust

New Tech Friendship

Over the Reality


RA Optics

The Dream Conduit


Unstoppable Domains


We look forward to co-creating future Web 3.0 activations with you!

The SearchLight Event Team



2 days of Crafted Conversations

(schedule subject to change)

Suki Image_edited_edited.jpg

Suki Violet

Josh GoldBlum.png

Josh Goldblum

Keynote Speaker 6/23

Co-Founder, Artwrld

3D Media NFT Arist

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy_Photo by Bryan Derballa.png

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy

 Interactive Media, Film, Performance and Installation Artists

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 4_edited.jpg
David Bianchi.jpg

David Bianchi

Artist, Actor, Creative NFT Visionary


Carolina de Bartolo

Creative Director Art Blocks

Singer-Songwriter, NFT Music Pioneer


Eric 'Motivate' Spivak

CEO URconduit. KOL in the Art, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Space 

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 8.04.19 PM.png

Jimena Buena Vista

Colombian-American Abstract NFT Artist

is_me_bw (1).jpg

Soo Young Lee

Founder of Vizmesh + Web 3.0 Developer

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 6.47.19 PM.png

Dustin Yellin

Artist; Founder and Director, Pioneer Works

Rob Fraboni

Teach In/Demo Presenter

Grammy Winning Producer, Ex VP of Island Records, Founder of Real Feel Tech

Nina Hawkins "Ninocence"

Teach In/Demo Presenter

Founder & CEO of Lillium Labs, Metaverse Creative Pioneer

Suki_lady looking up.gif

About the 





2 days of Crafted Conversations

(schedule subject to change)

Anchor 1
Tues, June 21st

Tuesday, June 21st
10am - 2pm EST

Augmented Reality Urban Tours 

Times Square, meet at the Red Stairs

Illust space.png

10am - 12pm TOUR 1
Augmented Reality Activation with
Featured Artists: Brittany Kurtinecz, FoodMasku, Gabe Weiss, Rebecca Rose, Robness, Suki Violet, EVM  


12:30pm - 2pm Tour 2
Augmented Reality Activation with Illust Space
Featured Exhibition: FigureGlyphs
Over 90 artists from the SearchLight Artists Pool will be featured in this large-scale AR walking tour.

We will start and end at the Times Square Red Stairs. 



Wednesday, June 22nd
8am - 10am EST


Wellness + Nourishment in Web 3.0

Paradise Club, The Edition Hotel, Times Square

Come recharge for a morning of meditation, nourishment, and mental health tips.   

8am - 8:30am EST
Guided Meditation with Naama O. Pozniak

8:30 - 9:30 EST
Wellness Discussion with Dream Conduit, Dr. Lemny Perez, & Rei Chou: Nourishing our bodies in a high-velocity Web 3.0 environment; Checking in on our mental health; Rami Community support/supporting community and finding the balance

Wed., June 22nd
Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 9.15.13 PM.png

What's Next for Music?with Async

Wednesday, June 22nd
10am - 2pm EST


Paradise Club, The Edition Hotel, Times Square

10am - 12:00am EST
Brunch: Meet & Greet with Async 
(Demo - Preparing your music for the Blockchain)

12:15pm EST
AMA with David Bianchi

12:45pm EST
Terra Naomi: A journey towards sovereignty and the tools to get there 

1:00 - 1:30 EST
Pann is the beginning of a journey into the world of performed Tamil music and programmable art.

             (Demo - world-building around blueprints)

1:30 - 2:00 EST
Francisco Supin: NFTunes & Async

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 9.25.02 PM.png

Music on the Blockchain with New Friendship Tech

Wednesday, June 22nd
2pm - 5pm EST


Paradise Club, The Edition Hotel, Times Square

Presenting Sponsor & Moderator: Eric Spivak of URCONDUIT

2pm - 3pm EST
The Big Game: Redefining Community with Web3 featuring:
JAI-LING YANG CEO & Founder of Playground
SIRSU Founder of BLVKHVND & Mint Fund
MOHAMED EZELDIN Head of Tokenomics at Animoca Brands

3pm - 3:30 pm EST
Live VR Digital Art Performance by Creatress

4pm -5pm EST
Metaverse Music .The New WAV featuring :

GHAZI CEO & Founder of EMPIRE Records


Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 6.45.44 PM.png

NFT Art Hub with ArtW rld

Thursday, June 23rd
12pm - 4pm EST


Paradise Club, The Edition Hotel, Times Square

12:00pm EST
Check-in / coffee and refreshments

12:15pm EST
Welcoming Remarks

12:30pm - 1:30pm EST
Toward a New Arts Infrastructure: Platforms, Organizations, and DAOs

1:30pm - 2:30pm EST
The Form is the Art: Generative and On-Chain Experiments

2:30pm - 3:30pm EST
Artists: Creative journeys on and off the blockchain

3:30 - 3:50 EST
Keynote Nato Thompson

3:55-4:00 Closing Poem read by Ana Maria Caballero

(more announcements coming)

Thurs., Jun 23rd


Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 9.15.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 6.45.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at
vizmesh logo.png
BW Rug.png


Featured Art


Sponsored by Mint Gold Dust​

SearchLight + Vortex Community Circle



The human figure has been represented in art for centuries through sculpture, portraits, prints, paintings, music, dance, film, and poetry. The rise of art as NFTs has remixed the old corporate art stations, and many creatives have come out of those verticals with discipline and mastery of skill; and, more importantly, with new-found inspiration on familiar themes like the figure.

SearchLight invited artists minting on the blockchain to submit an original work of art exploring the figure by incorporating typography, text, and visual poetry – in reference to, as a part of, or integrated into representations of the body. Additionally, artists could submit figurative works without text-related elements. Works were also selected from the collection of @DCInvestor, and the platforms Async and Mint Gold Dust.

Select artworks from the exhibition will be showcased on the first night of NFT.NYC in Times Square on June 19, 2022, and through an augmented reality experience in the same location. 

Temporal Visions

Temporal Vision explores the permanent qualities of NFTs versus the fleeting, temporary ways in which they are viewed. While NFT art is forever stored on the blockchain and distributed file storage systems, the viewing experience is usually quite brief for a number of reasons. Among these are the modes of display. NFTs can be viewed on screens in galleries like physical art, but can also be viewed on phones, on computers, in VR and AR, and on social media; mediums that by their nature are fleeting and impermanent. Museums, by comparison, offer their audiences time to savor the work on display, which is an inherent part of the experience. NFT images, unlike physical art, live in the ether, and are consumed repeatedly and instantaneously. Curiously, although quite opposite in this regard, they are both essentially repositories of the culture in perpetuity.

-Joyce Korotkin, Artist & Curator


Domance is the World's first 360 immersive NFT Dome exhibition located in the Domelandia Metaverse in Altspace VR. Over 65 Artists, Poets, DJs, and  VJs minting on the blockchain, will be showcased from February 13-28, 2022.


The show will take viewers on a journey through three domes – from the peaceful innocence of the dawn of first love, through the all-consuming passion that ensues, and into the ever-deepening journey that brings one back to the source.

Over 65 artists minting on the blockchain are represented in the DOMANCE Exhibition.

NFT Auction

NFT Auction

 Suki Violet + Niuhuro

"The face is our metaphysical window that manifests our emotions to the universe. New sequences of our consciousness are constantly being printed through digital avatars. We skin these avatars with our own meta-personalities and populate a new metaverse. Our digital and physical faces are forming a sequential reality."  - Suki

SearchLight.Art is pleased to launch the first NFTs from The Sequence of Skin or SKINSEQ by artist Suki Violet. Each NFT will be accompanied by a 1-of-1 limited edition physical work that reflects the collected NFT.


For this collection, Suki Violet draws her underlying inspiration from animism, Eastern myths, classical totems, and neo-futurist lifestyles. She uses human facial contours as the primary canvas to express the beautiful synergy of traditional painting, 3D modeling, and particle dynamics algorithms.


The visual style in this first set is inspired by the collaboration with make-up artist Niuhuro. 

Suki 2.gif
#D Print of Mirror.gif
Suki Gif.gif


 Workshop #1  

NFT Music Projects with Async Wed 10 am - 2pm

 Workshop #2  

Creating your 3D Avatar with Ninocence
Thurs 12-12:30

 Workshop #3  

Women in Web3
Wed 3:30-4:15

 Workshop #4 

Real Feel with
Rob Fraboni
Wed 2:30-3:15


In this demonstration Terra Naomi will walk us through the creation of an NFT music project, using various tools familiar tool and Async options. Wed 11:30-11:50

Nina Hawkins is a metaverse creative pioneer, merging innovative technology with uniquely provocative art aesthetics. She is the founder and CEO of Lillium Labs; her digital avatar incubator and the impetus for *Embryo - an industry disrupting face scanning application for easy consumer grade avatar creation,which she will be giving us a demo of.


This workshop will feature women that are leaders in the Web3 space sharing what it takes to run a Web3 company, as well as invest in/advise for other companies.

Part panel, part group discussion, part AMA.

Speakers include :

Lisa Yu (Web3 Investor/Advisor)

Kelly Moran (Founder & CEO Supersum)

Manuela Seve (Co-Founder & CEO of

Rob Fraboni is a record producer and audio engineer, well known for his work with Bob Dylan, The Band, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Tim Hardin, The Beach Boys, Joe Cocker, and Bonnie Raitt, and as Vice President at Island Records where he oversaw the remastering of the entire Bob Marley catalog.

In this demo he will be talking music, science, biology, & rock N roll history & giving us a preview of his patented tech called Real Feel.


Come Join Us

June 21-23, 2022

Edition Hotel, Times Square


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